Friday, 29 September 2017

Annie Production

This term we have been doing production our production is called Annie, everyone had a roll. If you weren't on the stage then you would be helping with tickets, sound, lighting and much more. I auditioned for a part, everyone who auditioned got a part. I was assigned the part of an orphan, my name was Sunny. I really enjoyed production and overall I think we did really well. Their was a lot of songs and dances to learn. I didn't have many lines to learn though because I was an orphan and the orphans don't really say much. At the start it was a little bit strange because I didn't know any of the songs because it was set in the 80's. But once I got used to it i found it really fun!

Friday, 7 July 2017

Olivia's Proud Moments For Term 2, 2017

I am really proud of...

1. I am an orphan in the school production.

2. My  science board looks great and I have got a merit.

3. How far I have come with my reading. I am now reading at 13-14 years, which means that I have almost reached my goal of being able to read at 14.5 - 15.5 years.

4. My writing I have become much better at writing but I still hope that I will continue to move up the levels.

5. That I have conquered gym sports. I didn't win anything but I still went out had some fun and represented my school.

Friday, 30 June 2017

My Science Board

Over all I am really proud of the final results presentation wise. Next year it will be even easier because I will know what I am doing. My topic was which liquard affect teeth the most. I was really interested in the results, and now seeing how gross the teeth looked after a week with the teeth in different liquard,  I don't want to drink these liquard. I wanted to this experiment  because But why, why should we care about which liquids affect teeth the most? The main reason why I think we should know which liquids decay teeth more than others, is because if we know then we can become more aware and stop drinking these liquids. The amount of tooth decay in New Zealand is actually increasing, we need to remember to brush our teeth twice or more times per day, especially after drinking sugary liquids.

Friday, 19 May 2017

How Is Plastic Made Into Clothes
                     Have you ever wondered  what happens to the left over bits of plastic?

I am sure  that you have wondered how all of our plastic bottles are recycled, but have you wondered how the leftover bits of plastic get turned into clothes? A recycled plastic bottle is really a whole lot of little plastic chips and all of these plastic chips have got to go somewhere! Throughout this explanation I am going to show you how we make clothes out of the recycled plastic chips.

First you have to collect the plastic and then separate out the white plastic from the coloured plastic. The white plastic will be made into white yarn and the coloured plastic will be made into yarn the color the plastic was. The next stage is to cut the plastic into tiny bits. Once this stage has been completed then you have to separate out the caps and bits of plastic with paper on it from the other plastic that would be used to make material.

After the plastic has been shredded it is time to make it into something that can be made into something else. To accomplish this process you have to use a machine called the extruder. The extruder has lots of little holes, kind of like of shower head. Once the plastic has been heated it gets forced through the extruder. The idea of these tiny little holes is to create fibers from the plastic. After the fibers have formed they need to be ripped up into small pieces.

Now it is time to weave these fibers into yarn using a special machine. ( On the right. ) Once the yarn has been made you can then make the material.

So that is the process of how to make material out of plastic bottles.  Isn't it crazy that your clothes are made out of plastic. If you go home today and look through your draw I bet that at least half of your clothes are made out of plastic.Now you are a part of the process of how to recycle a plastic bottle!


Monday, 3 April 2017

Integrity Games

Last Friday we took Tawa  team for some games, we have spent at least the last two weeks leading up to our integrity  games, thinking of a game to teach Tawa team.  Next we had to try out our games to find out what worked and what didn't work. Once we had tried our game out, we had to make at least one change to our game to make it better. My group decided to do volley ball, but to make the game of volley ball our own we decided to put our own twist to the game. Our  game is basically like volley ball except you start with one person on ether sides of the net , when someone makes a mistake some on else enters the court.

In conclusion I think it went all right,  but for next time I think we should make the rules more simple, because it took a while for the juniors to understand our game. I thought that this was really interesting, and I didn't even think about the fact that the rules would be to hard. Once Tawa team got the hang of it , I think they found it quite simple so we had to throw in a couple of extra rules to make it harder for them. Although we would have to change a few things I would love to do it again.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Financial Literacy

   This week we had Callum  come in from asb money wise, and he talked to us about  money .  He  taught us lots of thing that  will help us save our money.  He also  taught us a fun game that required us to be wise with our money.  We had $2000 dollars in the game , the aim of the game is by the end of the game we  had to have $0 or more, we weren't allowed to go into the negative numbers.   We had to make decisions in the game, all the question we had to answer , required  us to spend some of the $2000 we had, the winner was the person who had not gone into the negative numbers . None of us went into the negative numbers so we all won.

Friday, 10 March 2017


Pirongia Mountain

      The mythical giant towering tall above us.
                She will always be there.
       Standing tall and proud in the howling wind.
            Her arms Stretched outward.
      Her head tipped heavenly, welcoming the sunshine.
     Sometimes she's nearly invisible in the thick fog.
       But today she wore a halo of golden sunshine .
                She will always be there.
                 A mythical stone giant.
                Standing alone in the fog.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Pirongia lodge

Pirongia Lodge

This week we went to the lodge . It was so much fun, I gave everything a go but I don’t think I was very good at archery. Because I only hit the target once or twice. My favorites were probably the rock climbing wall and the flying fox ,although I was hoping that the flying fox would go faster.We had orienteering first which I thought was good because then I knew were everything was and I didn't have as much of a of chance getting lost!!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Olivia's Reflections for week 2

We had an IKAN test this week , I don’t think I did very well. I was hoping to do better in my IKAN test because I was hoping to do better than last year,a lot of the time i know the answer but It is going to fast for me.I had an awesome time at the lodge.i gave everything a go but I don’t think I was very good at archery.My favorite were probably the rock climbing wall and the flying fox ,although I was hoping that the flying fox would go faster.I am really excited for the top spot competition but don’t think I have much of a chance of winning.  

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

First week as a year 7.

Starting a new year has been pretty extincting.The house capitation and deputy speeches are  this week but I have decide not to try for house captain  or deputy. I'm really looking forward to going up to the Pirongia lodge for the day.Its also going to be exciting to do do tech arts on Thursday.