Friday, 31 March 2017

Financial Literacy

   This week we had Callum  come in from asb money wise, and he talked to us about  money .  He  taught us lots of thing that  will help us save our money.  He also  taught us a fun game that required us to be wise with our money.  We had $2000 dollars in the game , the aim of the game is by the end of the game we  had to have $0 or more, we weren't allowed to go into the negative numbers.   We had to make decisions in the game, all the question we had to answer , required  us to spend some of the $2000 we had, the winner was the person who had not gone into the negative numbers . None of us went into the negative numbers so we all won.

Friday, 10 March 2017


Pirongia Mountain

      The mythical giant towering tall above us.
                She will always be there.
       Standing tall and proud in the howling wind.
            Her arms Stretched outward.
      Her head tipped heavenly, welcoming the sunshine.
     Sometimes she's nearly invisible in the thick fog.
       But today she wore a halo of golden sunshine .
                She will always be there.
                 A mythical stone giant.
                Standing alone in the fog.